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With a crew of six technicians, Gage Marine is fully prepared to handle any issue you may experience with your boat. We hold certifications from Mercury, Volvo Penta, Johnson, Evinrude, and many other ancillary marine equipment manufacturers. At Gage Marine, we take our education seriously; every fall, each technician is scheduled to attend various schools to ensure that they stay ahead of changing technologies. Recently, we became the second authorized service center for Hinckley Yachts. Hinckley is one of the most technically advanced boats on the water today.


  • Winter & spring yearly maintenance
  • Engine tune up & fluid changes
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Detailing
  • Canvas repairs
  • Vinyl repairs
  • Pickup & delivery
  • Service calls available


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Season Sales Service
Fall/Winter (M-F) 9 AM – 4:30 PM 8 AM – 4:30 PM
Spring/Summer (Daily) 8 AM – 4:30 PM 8 AM – 4:30 PM


  • Visually inspect & run to check for abnormal conditions
  • Check all fluids for contamination and proper levels – adjust if necessary
  • “Fog” engine with lubricant to protect internal parts and prevent rust & corrosion as applicable
  • Flush antifreeze through inaccessible parts of the engine as further protection
  • Add fuel stabilizer as added protection
  • Test & disconnect battery
  • Inspect propeller for damage
  • Clean water intakes & inspect zinc anodes – replace as necessary
  • Remove prop from the shaft, check for fishing line that could cause leaks and grease shaft

For more information, see the full summary of services offered above.

  • Hook up and charge batteries.
  • Install all drain plugs & hoses.
  • Check navigation lights, horn, gauges, and fluid levels.
  • Top off fluids as needed.
  • Final Activation to run the engine on hose and clean engine of non-tox antifreeze. Bring the engine up to temp. Test all safety items.
  • Gage water tests all boats to ensure proper system performance, check shifting, and engine cooling.

For more information, see the full summary of services offered above.

  • Winterization protects your boat and engine from freezing temperatures during storage in the winter months.
  • Summerization reverses the winterization process and ensures the engine is running properly and ready for use.

Please contact our service department for more information regarding warranties. Email or call 262-740-2628 x466.

Shop supply and other charges cover all the items and supplies used to service your boat that are not listed under parts. These include basic mechanical cleaning products, lubricants, sealants, solvents, small hardware, shop towels, touch up paints, miscellaneous paper products/labels, miscellaneous tape, wire ties/wire loom, small batteries, etc.

Environmental fees cover the disposal of all materials used to service your boat. These disposals include oil, filters, batteries, miscellaneous fuels, hazardous materials, combustibles, solvent, etc.