Boat Lift Safety: Avoiding Common Boat Lift Accidents

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In the market for a boat lift? Make sure you are aware of how to keep yourself, your boat, and your ramp safe during lift use. Here are the most common boat lift accidents and how Gage Marine can help you avoid them:

Purchasing the Wrong Boat Lift

Buying a boat lift is more complicated than purchasing the cheapest or first option you find online. Your boat lift must be rated for the weight and size of your boat. Overloading your lift can cause structural damage to your ramp, and boat, and even end in injury to you. Rather than guess which boat lift is best for you, contact Gage Marine and ask to speak with someone about our pier and lift services. We’ll make sure you get the ideal boat lift for your boating needs.

Opting for DIY Boat Lift Installation

Installing a boat lift on your own may save you money in the short term but it could cost you in the long run. Improperly installed boat lifts can compromise the lift’s stability or cause the lift to malfunction. A company specializing in boat lift services, like Gage Marine, will ensure your boat lift is adequately anchored, correctly aligned, and properly assembled so you can safely enjoy your boating experience.

Using a Boat Lift Without Experience or Training

Once you get the hang of it, boat lifts are simple to use. However, there is a learning curve to operating a lift correctly. From ensuring your boat is properly positioned on your lift, to educating you on safety features that prevent accidents, Gage Marine offers instruction and assistance to new boat lift owners who purchase lifts with us.

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