Why Does the Exterior of Your Boat Need Cleaning?

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Gage keeps your lake life beautiful

As we turn our calendars from spring to summer, we look forward to warm days spent on the water of Lake Geneva. However, after enjoying a day with friends and family, there is always cleanup left behind. Did you know that Gage Marine can help with that?

We offer flexible summer boat cleaning services to help keep the interior of your boat beautiful and ready to head back out on the lake. If your boat is on Lake Geneva and you want it wiped down and cleaned for the weekend, we can come right to your pier. Our experienced crew can come out weekly, bi-weekly or whenever you’d like to schedule a cleaning.

If your boat is not located on Lake Geneva, you can schedule a cleaning with us, bring it to our Highway 50 location and we will get it ready for your next time on the water.

Invasive aquatic plant found in lagoon could threaten Lake Geneva

An environmental agency is monitoring a lagoon in Lake Geneva after it found an invasive underwater plant last fall.

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency found the starry stonewort plant, an underwater macroalgae, in Trinke Lagoon on the lake’s south side, according to the Janesville Gazette.

The plant, which is native to Asia and Europe, is difficult to control because it is buried in the sediment and can’t be cleared out by chemical treatment, and the lagoon must be dredged to get rid of it.

Plans to dredge the lagoon are in the works for this fall, but until then the environmental group is asking people to avoid the lagoon to avoid spreading the plant to the entire lake, which would change the lake so that fish and other native animals could not survive.

Experts say the plant is spread when bits of it are carried from an area by boat, so they are making the public aware of the plant in hopes that boaters will avoid the lagoon. Another good way to prevent the spread of invasive species is to clean your boat.

Exterior Boat Cleaning Service

Has your boat been through the lagoon area already this year? Has it developed a scum line on the hull after sitting in the water this spring?

Gage Marine offers a deep outer boat cleaning as well as our interior cleaning services. Once you schedule your cleaning with us, we will bring your boat to our detail shop on Theater Road. A special acid-based cleaning will remove these issues and help to maintain and beautify your boat.

As a boat owner, you want to spend your time on the water, not hassling with cleaning and beautifying it. Leave that part to us! Whatever cleaning service you choose, your summer adventure and Lake Life Begins with Gage.

Contact Us Today to schedule a cleaning at either of our locations or at your pier today!

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