Wake on! Support Responsible Wakesurfing in Wisconsin

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Local organizations, like Lakes at Stake and Last Wilderness Alliance, are trying to create oppressive regulations which would effectively ban wakesurfing on many of our local lakes. We must band together to prevent this from happening!

At Gage Marine, we love the Lake Life, which includes all types of water sports and lake activities. We want to protect our lakes  and move forward into a future of responsible lake fun for everyone. That is why we ask you to join us in support of the water-sports bill that will preserve recreational access on our lakes by adding regulations that will allow for responsible wakesurfing and wakeboarding.

Support Bill LRB 3518/1.

This pro-water sports bill includes the following limited regulations:

  • Wakeboarding or wakesurfing is prohibited on a body of water of 50 acres or less that is less than 400 feet wide (instead of any lake less than 1,500 acres as proposed by the above organizations).
  • Prohibits wakeboarding or wakesurfing within 200 feet of a shoreline or dock, pier, boathouse, or other structure located completely or partly on the water.
  • Anyone wakesurfing or wakeboarding must wear a personal flotation device.

Make your voice heard. 

  • Attend the listening session on Monday, November 13 at 1:00pm at City Hall (Room 3) 514 Menominee St, Minocqua.
  • Contact your legislature via email, phone, or letter to encourage they support the proposed bill LRB 3518/1.
  • Share our social media posts and any other communication with friends, family, and neighbors to rally support.

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