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Boston Whalers were the first boats that Gage Marine offered for sale in 1960 (other than the Gage Hacker). Boston Whaler boats, known as the “Unsinkable Legends”, were great boats to start our sales fleet. Boston Whaler produces high-quality boats great for fishing, cruising, as well as being used as tenders. They complete their boats with innovative technology and plenty of space for fighting a fish or entertaining your family on the water.

Boston Whaler boats are built for fishing. With the center console design as well as stainless steel rod holders placed around the boat, you can’t go wrong with a Boston Whaler. Their sport fishing boats are built to handle various types of water conditions to ensure rider safety as well as keeping everyone comfortable and dry. The layout of a Boston Whaler also features aerated livewells and large fishboxes that protect your bait and catches of the day. The center console also allows for plenty of room to walk from bow to stern while fishing. The models best for fishing are the Montauk, Dauntless, Vantage and Outrage. These characteristics make Boston Whaler boats perfect for long-haul fishing trips in the ocean or an all day trip on the lake!

The cruising capabilities of Boston Whaler boats allow for fun in the sun as well as offering protection from the elements after a long day on the water. Cruising models include a head, or restroom, food prep and wet bar area, and often a sleeping space in most models. Cabin cruiser boats include kitchens, a bathroom and more proper sleeping accommodations. These models include the Realm, Conquest and Outrage. The Dauntless and Vantage are common family cruiser models because they offer a layout capable of handling many types of activities.

Besides being great cruising and fishing boats, Boston Whalers are also reliable tender boats for large yachts. Their hull design allows them to be easily towed behind another boat, as they are built to withstand hauling and towing during long ocean trips. They allow for not only transportation to and from land, but also can be used for other water activities like fishing, and water sports like wakeboarding or tubing that large yachts cannot perform. The Super Sport, Dauntless, Vantage, and Outrage models make a great tender to any yacht.

The “Unsinkable Legend” is an innovative boat built to last a lifetime. These carefully crafted boats are made to handle any type of water with confidence due to their max durability, dependability, and structural soundness. Boston Whaler has proven that they can manufacture a boat comfortable for both cruising and fishing at a premium level. Whether you are going out for a cruise on the lake or fishing in the ocean, these seven models to choose from are sure to provide the best boat to fit your lifestyle needs with Boston Whaler! Contact Gage Marine with questions about our Boston Whaler boats and how we can help find the best fit for you!

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