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Monterey is an independently owned and family operated business and has been for almost 40 years. This allows them to keep a hands-on approach to their craft and be able to adapt to the ever changing boat market. They always keep the needs and wants of their customers in mind, which is why they update their model line every year to make sure they are always bringing the best to their customers. They are one of the only brands in the business that does this! They strive to be the most innovative boat on the market and put a heavy focus on quality, design and overall ease of maintenance of their boats. All of this makes Monterey a great option when looking for your next boat!

Monterey makes three lines of boats including the Super Sports, the M Series, and Sport Boats.

Super Sports

  • 12 models to choose from
  • Range from 21’8” to 37” in length
  • Options for inboard or outboard motors
  • Provide a sleek style, powerful performance and innovative design in every model.

M Series

  • 8 models to choose from
  • Range from 19’10” to 26’7” in length
  • Options for inboard or outboard motors
  • Provide a sleek, refined, luxurious and powerful boat in every model.

Sport Boats

  • Currently, the only model is the 224FS
  • This model can be built in a 19’7” to 21’ floor plan
  • Inboard engine
  • This model is amazingly versatile and innovatively engineered, making it a great sport boat.

With many models to choose from, Monterey is sure to have a boat for you. The sleek style and innovative design of every boat is unmatched. They also offer their own MVP (Most Valuable Protection) Warranty, which provides protection to the most important parts of your boat. It offers a 10 years limited warranty and the first five years can be transferred to a second owner! With Monterey’s great craftsmanship and an unbeatable protection plan, there is no reason to not boat with Monterey. Contact Gage Marine about our in stock Monterey’s, or allow us to help you find the perfect fit for you!

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