6 Helpful Tips for Boating on Lake Geneva!

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Boating on Lake Geneva is always fun, but with some planning, your day on the water can be even better! Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have the most enjoyable day on Lake Geneva!

  1. Know when it’s busy!
    1. If you’re launching your own boat, be prepared to hit some traffic on the weekends. Or, if you want to avoid the launch all together, contact Gage Marine about signing up for our In/Out Valet Service!
  2. Make sure you have everything you need for the day!
    1. Getting off the water is a hassle once you’ve left for the day. Be sure to check you have everything you need before leaving the pier or launch!
  3. Know what to do in case of an emergency.
    1. Contact Water Safety Patrol at (262) 245-6577 or call 911 in case of an emergency.
  4. Know the rules of the water. Here are some basic rules to always keep in mind.
    1. The speed limit is 35 on weekends and 45 on weekdays.
    2. Slow no wake applies when you are 200 ft from shore or within 100 ft of a dock, raft, or other structure.
    3. Anyone being towed must wear a USCG-approved lifejacket and there must be a spotter other than the driver on board the boat.
    4. Make sure your boat has enough life jackets for everyone on board incase of an emergency.
  5. Have a plan in case of an emergency.
    1. Sometimes, the weather can change really quickly or you may have an unexpected problem while on the water. Have a plan of where to go in case this happens before hitting the water for the day! A safe place to go whether it’s raining or you’re having boat trouble is Pier 290! Come hide from the rain and enjoy a meal or ask our pier staff for help with your boat!
  6. Watch the depth!
    1. The depth can change pretty quickly, especially around the points of the lake. Make sure you are watching for buoys and doing the proper speed limit to avoid injuries to passengers or damage to your boat.

Now you’re ready to get out on the water and have some fun! If you’re looking to upgrade your boat for an easier or faster ride, stop by our lakefront or Highway 50 showroom to learn about our current inventory of new and used boats!

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